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Born and raised in San José, Costa Rica. Currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.

Like a fish leaping out of the puddle, I was nearly born with a surfboard under my arm, gills and razor sharp fins. Any possible comparison is a pure coincidence. Early on every sparkle of light, every splash of colour, influenced my perspective on the whole wide world ( . Meanwhile I bought a bike and unloosed the supporting wheels.

This vision lead me to Graphic Design on highschool where I cranked up some projects as a freelancer and which made me fall in love with this universe. Therefore I applied to college on Communication Design on Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, Portugal. I continued to ride on, pushing my lungs and leg strength further.

Only months left to graduate, this big opportunity showed up as an internship in Live Content, where I jumped from a Trainee to being Digital Art Director. Meanwhile I had an opportunity to join an awesome fintech company, CompareEuropeGroup, as Design Manager and it’s the very own workplace I’m living for.

I found more passions along the way. Overseeing, hiring, managing and mentoring the design team with a spark of fresh ideas that are infused in the company culture/products. Pushing creativity, challenges and design thinking about new ways of solving a problem.
Long story cut short: I’m still with that thirst for more. For that kick crossing through the next checkpoint. For that sweet sweet wave cruising just by. There’s still a lot to do...

Pura vida!

Work Experiences
European Innovation Academy - Portugal
Design Mentor
2017 – Present

Design Manager
2016 – Present

Live Content
Digital Art Director
2012 – 2016


Super Bock, Agência Abreu, Betrend, Hertz, L'Oréal Professionnel, La Roche Posay, Vichy, Novo Banco, Um Bongo, Disney, Hertz, Garnier, Sumol-Compal, L'Oréal, MEO, MEO SW, MEO Marés Vivas, Microsoft


Ministério da Cultura / Funarte, HSBC


Fundación Mitz, Jumex Fresh, Merca 2.0, Office Depot

Technical Skills

HTML / CSS and some Javascript

Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Flash / After Effects

Sketch, Zeplin and InVision